Ocean Spray Energy Drinks

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I love the benefits of cranberry juice. It’s not a high ranking favorite on flavor, but it does so much for you I make it a point to drink some almost every day.


Now I know from the videos contained inside High Energy Eating, that Ocean Spray is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to using high fructose corn syrup. As the President of the company said in the interview, “it makes cheap ingredients taste good.”


So it caught my eye when I saw the new energy drinks saying 50% less sugar. Plus B vitamins and green tea extract. Hmmm. They were on sale, so I bought each of the two flavors.


We opened the raspberry cranberry one first. I expected to taste something really tart, I mean with 50% less sugar, right?


It was sickeningly sweet. I was like, what the heck? My daughter said it tastes like cough syrup.


I went back to the label. In the ingredient list – there it was  – Splenda. That icky really sweet chemical tasting stuff. Sigh.


I opened the cranberry one this morning. It’s not as bad. But to me, artificial sweeteners taste bad. And I don’t like the idea of ingesting chemicals any more than I have to.


So far none of the energy drinks have passed the test. You’re better off washing your multi-vitamins down with a glass of real juice. That’s what

we’re going to stick with.


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