Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning

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Obessive Compulsive Cleaning? Not me!

There’s clean freaks. There’s hoarders.

Then there’s obsessive compulsive clean freaks, and obsessive compulsive hoarders.

Someone suggested that I watch Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on YouTube.

Are they suggesting that I’m over the top? I am not that bad! Everyone thinks I’m such a clean freak…

My system makes it easy to keep the house looking like I’m OCC. In reality, I spend very little time cleaning. 😉

The whole premise of this show is that obsessive compulsive cleaners have 5 days to clean the home of obsessive compulsive hoarders. In the end, they help each other out. Cool idea.

So, the moral of the story…


Things don’t have to be perfectly spotless.

Things should be liveably clean. Clean enough where your home feels soothing and calm and you’re not embarrassed if someone stops over.

The extremes really do affect your life.

The overly clean spend too much time cleaning and not enough time living.

The hoarders spend their time hiding in the shadows, too embarrassed to have anyone over. And many times, people just won’t come over.

Both extremes are lonely.

As she says towards the end, she doesn’t want her home to be depressing. She wants her home to be a blessing. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Can you?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode.

What can you take away from it that will make your life better?

How to have the clean, comfortable home you crave…

This was a touching episode…

OK, I have to stop now!

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