NY Times says it’s time to address unhealthy eating

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It’s not often that someone has the courage to tell the truth about the food and pharma industries. It’s not popular. People don’t want to know the truth because that would mean that they would have to change. They seem to be in love with the current diet, and they turn a deaf ear to the facts.

But it appears that is about to change. An article appeared in the NY Times today. It seems that the costs of keeping people fat and sick are starting to far outweigh the economic benefits.

You can read it here – it will open in a new window so you can pop back here and comment.

Will bad food become illegal? Proabably not anytime soon. There’s a lot of money being made here. But it has become glaringly obvious that our system cannot handle the tremendous increase in sick people, especially since they don’t have as much money, or health coverage.

Now that people can  no longer afford the health care costs that come with the crummy diet – it’s a whole different story.

The sad part is, they will package it to look like they are concerned about your health. The truth is – it’s always been about the money. But if that what it takes to start getting people healthy again, I’m for it.

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1 thought on “NY Times says it’s time to address unhealthy eating

  1. Debbie

    and here you have been talking about this for how long now?? everyone probably thought why in the world does carole keep ranting over this…Dr Weil was on Larry king last night and he was saying some of the same things as this article. They were talking about would heavily taxing things like soda pop etc have an effect on people and curbing their appetite for such sugary crummy foods such as soda pop…its all very interesting how this is just now becoming headlines.

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