Now the abortion debate makes sense

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Stem cell diagram illustrates a human fetus st...

Stem cell diagram illustrates a human fetus stem cell and possible uses on the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I never could understand why abortion has been such a big political issue. No matter what your stance is on abortion, I’m willing to bet that there is a very low percentage of the population that would think that late term abortions are OK.

But the point here is not to talk about our positions on abortion. Its about why this is a bigger deal than you can imagine…

I read this article on LiveScience yesterday – Growing Human Kidneys in Rats Sparks Ethical Debate.

In the new study, Gu and his colleagues obtained human fetal kidneys from Stem Express, a Placerville, California-based company that supplies researchers with tissue from deceased adults and fetuses. The people who donated the fetal tissues gave consent for the kidneys to be used in research, and the scientists were completely separated from the donation process, Gu said.


Of course! There is big money to be made. Look at all the stem cell products.

Here’s an article talking about the dangers of stem cell face lifts, and where the stem cells come from.

Then I read this article that depicts all of the horrible things that can happen as a result of this money making opportunity – Camps of girls kept pregnant for profit? We did it to horses for HRT.

Did you have to read Organ Bank Farm when you were in school? If not, it was essentially about corporate greed in the human organ industry. That couldn’t happen…right?

A lot of things that we thought could not happen are happening.

I believe that we will start being desensitized, just like we have over so many things – the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the lyrics in songs, the shootings – so many things we never could have fathomed years ago.

Oh look, another beheading. And OMG, look at that snow in the east! Can you believe it?

I’m still not sure why the 20 week debate is still going on, but I’m willing to bet there is some money hidden there somewhere.