Now Keep It Clean

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The holidays are over, and many of you have made the resolution to get the house cleaned up.

Now, most of you cleaned the house up for the holidays.

The decorations are now put away, or will be shortly.

All you have to do now is keep the house clean. What better starting point? Get yourself a system and just keep it clean.

Where we run into problems is when you let things go until they become unmanagable. But if you have a system that breaks it down into little bitty tasks- it’s a lot easier.

The whole secret to keeping your house clean is to not let it get bad in the first place.

So get yourself on a schedule. When will you dust, vacuum, wash floors? When was the last time you dusted those blinds?

If you need help with a system, you can get my house cleaning secrets here >>>

I seriously don’t spend much time cleaning house. I don’t have much time to clean house. So I need to be efficient about it, because if I let it go – it drives me nuts and I can’t concentrate and everything else falls apart because I’m going nuts – Can your relate?

So, make up a system or get my house cleaning system, and keep the house clean. Best time to start is when the house is already clean!