Now is when the New Year really starts

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The decorations are all put away. It is the first full week of working this year. The schedule will be back to normal.

This is when the rubber meets the road. Will you change what you need to change to may room for the changes you want to make this year?

We have healthier habits that we want to incorporate into our lives. We didn’t manage to do it the first week. Does that mean we should quit? That we failed?

No, of course not. It just means that we have to figure out how to make it work for us and stick to it until it becomes a habit.

Having my daughter around, I can see the effects of negative energy. If it doesn’t come easy the first time, she’s done with it. I really have to prod her.

Determination, will, commitment, all have to come from inside you. If you really want to accomplish something, you have to be the one who decides that you are going to do it. And once you make the decision, you have to take consistent action. You can read books and forums tilt he cows come home. Nothing will change until YOU TAKE ACTION to change it.

Here’s the million dollar question you have to ask yourself – Is it more painful to make the changes, or to stay where you’re at?

This is a perfect time of year for most people to concentrate on change. Things are slower. Heck, this is the time when many people get bored. Why not use the time constructively?

Here’s the thing – you might be looking at one big ugly goal. Tonight, break that goal down into little steps. What little thing can you do today that will move you closer to your goal?

I know, you want it all tomorrow. That doesn’t work. But when you take little steps consistently, they add up. Before you know it you will have made a lot of progress without a lot of pain.

That is the whole basis behind Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak. You do one little thing every night and your house stays clean without killing yourself. Now, how can you apply that principle to your goal?

What little step are you going to take today?

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