Now is the time to make your resolutions

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The popular notion is to make resolutions on New Year’s Day. That’s bad advice.

You’ve just been through a season of holiday partying…

You may feel exuberant. You’re pumped. you set unreasonably high goals that are unattainable. Within a couple of weeks, its just too hard to fit into your life.

You might be feeling guilty. You’ve spent 6 weeks overindulging. Now you think you can go to the opposite extreme. Within a couple of weeks you realize that you can’t.

You’ve spent time with people you don’t see much through the year. You want what they have. You want to make a good impression next year. You want to feel admired.  Within a couple of weeks, those reason lose their significance.

January is the toughest month of the year!

All of your extra time and energy are sucked up by pure survival. How the heck are you going to focus on goals? They are forgotten while you struggle to get through each day.

February is the month of Love!

Love your Valentines. Your spouse, partner, kids, pupils, employees… Heck, everyone is your valentine this month.

Love your heart – it is the month where we focus on taking care of your physical heart too.  Reduce stress, eat more heart healthy foods, get more exercise, get enough sleep, drink more water…  eat more chocolate 😉

How about loving your life?

What little things could you start doing now that would make a big difference in your life? People always think they have to set big audacious goals, and then they’re disappointed. How about mastering little easy to achieve goals?

When you accomplish even small goals, you feel more confident and excited. If you mastered that – what else could you accomplish?

Say you want to lose weight.

Could you give up pop for a day? Could you eat a salad 5 days out of the week?

Say you want to improve a skill. Could you read a few pages a day? Could you practice a few minutes a day?

Start with baby steps every day. At the end of the year, you’ll be amazed at how many steps you’ve taken!

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