Novel way to cut prescription costs

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 I got a discount drug card in with my electric bill. It’s similar to the RX card I told you about earlier this year. You can use this card if you do not have prescription drug coverage. The website is if you didn’t happen to get one stuffed in your utility bill.


I’m always getting ads from the major drug stores in the area to save big money in the store Get a gift card. Get rebates on your favorite products, and so on and so on…

CVS has a pretty good savings club from what I understand.

The problem is, they all require that your transfer your prescriptions. I don’t have any prescriptions. Why are they sending all of these great specials all tied to prescriptions? Do you know why?

Because MOST people have prescriptions.

Isn’t that sad?

So when they do a blanket mailing, chances are pretty high that they will hit a good number of people who will want to transfer their prescriptions to get these great deals. It’s not likely that they’ll hit too many healthy people who don’t have prescriptions. And they don’t want to. They don’t make too much money off healthy people.

As a matter of fact – not only drug stores, but drug companies, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies all make money off sick people. Big money.

And then the prepared food manufacturers make Big money off the people who want to eat healthy, but who lack the skill or the motivation to do it for themselves. They’re making Big money, but not delivering on the promise, are they?

Then you have all of the weight loss companies who are making Big money, but they’re not delivering on their promise too well either, are they?

I can’t provide the motivation for you. That has to come from you. But when you’re ready to stop being taken advantage of and get your health back – I can help you with the skills.

Actually, I do have a prescription. I eat certain foods that will keep my body healthy and strong, get some exercise, and try to get enough sleep. That’s my prescription that keeps me from needing those other prescriptions.

It’s not hard. It doesn’t taste bad. And you can throw all those ads in the recycling bin.

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  1. Rich

    Hi Carole,
    The prescription drug cards are a great way to save money for your instant drug needs, but most people who are really suffering are the ones who take maintenance drugs every day (cholesterol, blood pressure, heart medications…). For those people the greatest savings comes from mail order prescriptions. Our plan covers a prescription card and a mail order pharmacy that can save up to 70 %. Check a drug like lipitor for a 90 day prescription againt the card prices from the website you mentioned and ours for mail order and you won’t believe the difference. People need to discuss the costs with their doctor and not be embarassed and use generics whenever possible. They should also discuss with their doctor if splitting pills is OK. A lot of drugs only cost a couple of dollars more for a stronger dose and can be split with a pill splitter (now your savings almost 50% right off the bat)! I recently found this plan and enjoy the fact that I can help people save a lot of money, the ones who really need it. I’m not trying to use your post as an advertisement, but if you look into the mail order plan and let people know I truly think it would be a great thing for many of your readers. Thanks,

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