Nothing is free – ever

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life was good

Remember how everyone was rejoicing when we got all that free stimulus money – even if you were still working?

And people were buying things faster than manufacturers could supply them, even in normal times?

And people were happily ordering out and having it all delivered for exorbitant fees?

And wages were increasing at an astounding rate?

And people were making small fortunes selling their homes? 

And bitcoin was a shooting star to wealth?

Oh yeah, Life was good, financially. There was much dancing in the streets.

Did anyone stop and think, this is not sustainable?

I did. I saw the writing on the wall with the first check.

Add to that, the first move Biden made as President was to shut down the pipeline.

Now add the war in Ukraine…

Continuing shut downs in China…

Now everyone is crying. Now we’re gonna pay. Big time!

I wish there was an ounce of common sense left in the world. But no one wants to think about consequences.

Now its time to tighten those belts.

Take care of what you have and make it last.

Start cooking at home.

You know…live within your means.

You’ll be much happier. I promise.

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