Not everyone exposed to Ebola will get it

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Just like flu and colds, not everyone who comes in contact with Ebola will actually get sick.

If you want to lessen your odds of getting any of these illnesses, you need to start living a healthier lifestyle –

Eat real food.

Fast food and packaged foods contain virtually zero nutrients. While you are filling your stomach and gaining weight, you are not giving your body anything it needs to operate at its peak. Treat your body like a Porsche and give it the best nutrient dense foods that you can afford. Isn’t your life worth it?

Vegetables and fruits –

Get at least 5 servings of different colored fruits and vegetables a day. More is better, but strive for at least five.

Get your sleep –

Sleep is when your body restores and repairs, especially if you have given it the tools (nutrients) it needs to do the job. Cut this process short and you are guaranteed to be sick more often and less performance and productivity.

Get exercise –

Your muscles, cells, arteries, lymphatic system, and brain function all improve with a little exercise a day. They say about 30 minutes a day will do it, and it doesn’t have to be all at once. Walk for 10 minutes at a time. Dance, vacuum, walk the mall, play frisbee or catch with your kids, just get moving.

Drink water –

Your body is mostly water, so it makes sense that for all of your organs to operate their best, they need to stay hydrated. Think of a dry sponge. How well does that work? You have to soak it first, right?

Keep a bottle with you when you’re out. At home, keep a glass on the table where you’ll be reminded to take a sip when you walk by.

Take Vitamin D

Here in my neck of the woods, it has been gloomy and gray most of this month. That means that this year we have had a fast decline in our natural vitamin D source – the sun.

Its not a coincidence that cold and flu season start in the fall. Everyone thinks its the colder temperatures, but research shows a direct correlation between lower Vitamin D levels and illness. Many health experts recommend taking 10,000 IU a day. I personally take 5,000.

Remember that Vitamin D is fat soluble. You’ll want to take it after a meal that has some fat. That can be meat, poultry, salad dressing…

Also take Vitamin C daily. I take 500 mg a day and I try to drink a glass of orange juice a day in addition to eating healthier.

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Stay healthy!



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