Nonsense in the News 9-25-2012

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freedom of speech in west

freedom of speech in west (Photo credit: iranian cartoonist)

So, we have some stupid movie that no one ever would have heard about that has been made famous and takes the front page of every newspaper everyday.


case you’re wondering; we’re talking about the movie that makes fun
of Muhammad. Snore…


today’s topic in the paper is the freedom of speech limits in the US.


here is the nonsense quote –


is more concerned with politial correctness or safeguarding children
from sexual content than the religious sensibilities of Muslims.”


me? Religious sensibilities?


rage. Bombing. Burning buildings. Killing innocent people. Is any of
this sensible in any way?


movie never would have been seen or even heard about by most people
had it not been for some hot headed activists looking for an excuse
to incite violence.


Do any
of these kinds of actions warrant respect?


any of this nonsense make sense? Is this really worth all this
turmoil? How ridiculous is this?


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2 thoughts on “Nonsense in the News 9-25-2012

  1. Stacey

    I think this is way out of control and the media just eats it up. A neighbour of mine taught me about the media and how they control what we know. One time a number of years ago, there was a lady who’s son was killed in Iraq or somewhere, and she was protesting Clinton at his cottage the media from USA painted her as a lunatic where the Canadian media showed that she was there alone just wanting the memory of her son to be noticed. She was just a normal woman wanting her son’s life to be noticed, but she is painted as a mental case. This is why I have no faith in the news and media. I am careful what I believe and what spin I pay attention to. Another example, a local teacher and youth mentor is accused of inappropriate touch. The media goes wild, telling all there is to tell that they can to get your attention. Then, the accuser says they made it up, the mentor’s life is ruined because why? because the media doesn’t tell the part about it being made up. The mentors life is now ruined, he can no longer contribute to his community and the other youth miss out, all because of the medias choice to tell the crap but barely ever the good.

    Have a safe day 🙂


  2. sugru

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