Nobel Peace Prize and other oddities

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I was heading off to check something important – the weather, when I saw that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously?

If you haven’t seen this yet – here is the article I saw which asks a lot of the same questions a lot of us are asking…

Well that was a odd surprise, wouldn’t you say?

The weather was odd too. Chance of snow flurries this weekend. Unbelievable. So, is it global cooling now? Personally, I liked global warming better.

All kidding aside, it’s just cycles guys. Don’t let the fear mongers make you believe anything bigger than it really is.  We’re supposed to have a winter like in the days of Mayor Jane Byrne. If you aren’t old enough to remember it, you should be quaking in your boots, believe me. They were removing snow with payloaders. There was a good solid week up sub-zero temps. It was a tough, tough winter. She lost the election over the whole snow handling issue.

So, then I scrolled to soemthing else important – my horrorscope. Here’s what it said –

“When it comes to shopping, your usual M.O. is this: Decide exactly what you want; get yourself to the exact location where said item will undoubtedly be found, using a ‘Point A to Point B’ strategy; then lay hands on the item(s); and bring said items to the nearest available cash register, with both plastic and cash in hand, just in case. Make your escape and don’t forget to lay out the battle plan for anyone who’s along for the ‘trip.'”

OK, that’s true. And I will be running to the store shortly. But what does that have to do with anything?

How about you? Have anything odd to contribute today?

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