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Hi there!  It’s the weekend!  YEA!  My house is full of BOYS as usual… 3 extras tonight.  🙂
I wanted to give you an update, and let you know the offer still stands (plus a bonus)…
Dollar Town

Dollar Town (Photo credit: B4bees)

We made MAJOR Progress on our adoption this week.   All of our papers (except one) are on their way to Ukraine.  We also got our biometric fingerprinting scans completed.  Now we are in a holding pattern – wait, wait wait…  
We are still in need of $12.5K before mid-December in order to travel.  This number is overwhelming (at least to me), but got me to thinking.  If everyone who reads this email would give just $1, we could be done!  (Now of course I know, not everyone opens every email I send… but theoretically)  Then I started thinking – how often do we casually toss a dollar here and there?  Buy a candy bar or a soda, throw in a pack of gum in the grocery store check-out line etc.  I am pretty sure my last $1 went out of my pocket in the form of 4 quarters – one for each kid to buy a gumball out of the gumball machine!  Would you be willing to toss $1 my way to make a huge difference in a 15 year old’s life?  He is ready for his family!
Also, for anyone who is able to give $10 or more, the offer still stands!  I will send you a couple resources!
Both a Halloween and a Thanksgiving Menu!
To claim those, simply make your donation here:
and then send me an email at to let me know you would like your resources.
Also, I have a big Goal for this weekend, to make it over the $20,000 mark on our adoption ticker.  (We are $181 away)  Therefore, anyone who donates $50 or more this weekend, I will send you a gift LIFETIME Menu Planning Central Membership.  (  You can use it for yourself, or use it as a gift.  ($199.97 value)
Finally, I have also set up a Facebook Event.  If you are on Facebook would you be willing to share it?  (You just never know who it may reach!)
Thanks so much!
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