There’s more to wine than resveratol. For many centuries, wine was safer to drink than the water. It was used as a digestive aid even before Jesus was born. 

Some varieties contain a cholesterol fighting chemical called saponins. Zinfandel has been found to have the highest saponins.

All wines, when limited to about 5 glasses a week, help raise good cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps your body get rid of the bad cholesterol.

In Germany they alternate sips of wine and cold water. The water helps flush the system, and cold water burns more calories as the body warms it. The combination is also said to boost metabolism. German wines naturally contain less sugar because of the way grapes grow in that cooler region.

Red Wine contains the now famous resveratol – a compound that blocks a key protein that cancer cells need to survive – actually starving them to death.

And it helps colds and flu viruses. I can personally attest to this. If you’re feeling like you’re coming down with something, have a glass of wine and get 8 hours sleep. 

And we all know if has a sedative effect.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can raise blood pressure by as much as 40%. You also may have heard that wine increases your risk of cancer. More in-depth research shows that red wine may cause cancer in those who have a deficiency of folate.

Strangely, once you consume more than 5 glasses a week, it completely reverses and causes the same problems that moderate consumption solves. There were many warnings in the Bible to not drink too much wine.

There we go with that balanced diet and moderation stuff again 😉


Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay



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