Whole Grains – heatlhy or not?



Whole grains are high in fiber – a great cholesterol reducer. The whole grain also includes plant sterols which lowers cholesterol by blocking the absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine. High in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is linked to eye sight problems, bone loss, heart disease, colon cancer, and even MS. But – 

Fiber is sort of a scrub brush for your system. And it even cleans fat. And they’re filling. 

But –  

Many people have a sensitivity to Gluten. Gluten refers to a group of proteins that are difficult for humans to digest. One group of proteins called gliadin is thought to do most of the damage to the intestinal lining. Glutenins are another group of proteins found in gluten and thought to be associated with autoimmune skin diseases and asthma. Gluten proteins are extremely resistant to intestinal digestion, despite grinding, cooking, processing and digestion.

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 10 people suffer from this. In some cases it’s a mild annoyance that causes more gas. In that case, you can help yourself by eating fewer whole grains and eating more yogurt so you have more healthy bacteria in your digestive system. This really helps.

Some people have a full blown allergic reaction that actually attacks your autoimmune system. People with really bad cases have to stay away from grains in any form.  

It seems suspect to me that since the food pyramid recommends what – 7 servings of whole grains a day? And that gluten sensitivity is on the rise? And why is this a relatively new problem? What changed?

From what I’ve read and seen, the inflammation from eating too many whole grains – especially whole wheat, is causing joint problems, arthritis, and heart disease. I can’t tolerate them. I prefer to get my fiber from vegetables.

If you are eating a lot of whole grains and have any of the problems listed above, try cutting back and see if that makes a difference. You can also refer to the anti-inflammatory foods to help reduce your inflammation.

The good news is that people are cutting down on refined carbs which is helping with weight loss. 


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