Loving Yourself

Love fruit


February is the month of love. In recent years it has also been tied to heart health.

Romance aside –

  • You can love your home…
  • You can love good food. ..
  • You can love your body…

And you should! Its all part of total well-being.

And here is where you’ll find all the tools to help you love your home life.

When it comes to loving your home, If you haven’t made time to take the house cleaning course, you should. With a couple weeks practice, you will be keeping your home clean – top to bottom and end to end, in just a few extra minutes a day. It really is life changing. And the dull cold days of February are a great time to get started.

When it comes to loving your body, one of the best things you can do is to cut out packaged and fast foods. There are hundreds of great fast recipes here to help you do just that, and you will love the good food! It does make eating out a disappontment though…

And if you missed them, check out the weight loss articles.

There are new recipes in breakfasts, vegetables, side dishes, and crockpot.

Thanks to my daughter, there is a sweet treat for you too…

We went to a cocoa crawl last weekend. That’s when all of the stores in town give away something chocolate or hot chocolate. She was complaining about the cost of truffles. I said, “you know, they’re not that hard to make, I have a chocolate recipe ebook…”

Well, you can guess what happened next – now you can find that in the free ebooks!

Is that enough love for now? If not, keep scrolling to find more.

Love and take care of yourself!



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