We must love one another

We all want to be heard

I read a great essay that I’m sharing with you today. We have become so divided over politics, abortion, religion… The disagreements have grown so much that its difficult to relate to others as human beings.

In reality, we are more alike than we think. It doesn’t matter what country we’re from or what color we happen to be – we are all human beings.

Where I live is pretty diverse. We all get along for the most part. A few of us were discussing how hard it is to be kind when you don’t like what someone is doing, or believing.

While the author of this essay doesn’t really have an answer, he aptly describes much of the struggle we are all going through when trying to reconcile our love for humanity, and our distaste for others beliefs.

Its a good read.

I work with dying Trump Supporters. Its confusing.

I think we all want to find a way to live together peacefully. Be kind. The world is a better place when we love one another.

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