Vitamin D



Vitamin D boosts the absorption of calcium, important for bone health, fights cancers and diabetes, protects muscle, and inhibits autoimmune disorders from multiple sclerosis and lupus to inflammatory bowel disease. Has been linked to several anticancer effects, such as stopping the spread of tumor cells and limiting the growth of new blood vessels that feed expanding tumors. A whole slew of new research hit in 2008 indicating that Vitamin D is vitally important in the fight against cancer.

 Ever notice that flu season starts when we get less exposure to sunlight, and ends when we’re back out in the sun?

People are not getting the amount of sunshine they need for their bodies to make enough vitamin D. Darker skin and fat also make it hard for your skin to absorb the rays needed to make vitamin D. That leaves fortified foods and supplements.

Vitamin D deficiency is a growing problem. Natural Ovens is coming out with bread and chocolate that are fortified with so much vitamin D that it has to be labeled as a supplement.

 While it’s true that high does of Vitamin D would be toxic, it would take far more than you could possibly ingest on a normal basis – something like 100,000 IU. People who work outdoors near the equator naturally produce up to 20,000 IU. It is recommended that you not take more than 2,000 IU a day in supplement form unless under the direct supervision of a doctor.

 Where to get it –

At least 15 minutes of sunshine on exposed skin per day or responsible use of a safe tanning bed at a reputable salon, egg yolks, beef liver, fatty fish – sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon, fortified foods, or supplements.



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