Toothaches are never convenient, are they?

They seem to happen late at night, or on Saturday night, or on a day when you have an important meeting.

Here’s some things that can help you put a stop to the pain until you can get to the dentist –

 The ache comes from inflammation. Just soak it in cranberry juice for a few seconds a couple times a day to cut the inflammation – and the pain. I’ve used it to relieve an abscess on more than one occasion.

Cranberry juice is full of powerful anti-oxidants, and nature’s anti-inflammatories. It even removes plaque from your teeth – and your arteries. Helps relieve leg pain, and keeps your kidneys running great. You should drink some everyday anyway.

If that doesn’t do it – reach for the cloves. Clove oil would be best, but we’re talking an emergency here, and how many of us have clove oil sitting around? So, you take a clove and gently place it between the tooth and the side of your mouth. You will need to keep still because the clove has sharp edges and you don’t want to cut your gum on top of it!Let the clove sit there for 15 – 30 minutes, then gently remove.

There’s always aspirin too. I find that taking aspirin is only minimally helpful when you have a bad toothache, but you can dissolve aspirin in some lukewarm water and swish it around the painful tooth.

The Real Powerful Relief in Your Kitchen –

Reach for the fresh garlic cloves. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. The secret to using garlic is to cut it up and let it sit for 1 minute, then eat it. There is some chemical reaction that happens when the garlic is exposed to air. Eat a clove a day for 10 days, just like you would take an antibiotic. If you have trouble eating fresh garlic, try sprinkling it on some buttered toast. You like garlic bread, right? And this works!


If that doesn’t do it, you have a more serious problem – but hang in there! There’s a product called Gly-Oxide. It’s a more potent germ and bacteria solution. You put a few drops on the spot and let it work for 3 – 4 minutes – But DO NOT swallow it! It’s has hydrogen peroxide in it.

If you had a filling fall out and that’s what’s causing your pain, there’s a product called DentTemp. It’s a temporary filling that you can put in yourself. It will hold for a while.

These tips won’t permanently fix the problem. You’ll still need to get to the dentist. When the pain comes back, it will be with a vengeance – and it can cause much more serious problems if you leave it untreated. But at least these tips will buy you some time.


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