Tips to avoid gaining a ton during the holidays

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This is the big week. The start of a month where there is seemingly endless parties, and food, and drinks, and sweets, and…

Everyone cringes during the holidays knowing that there is going to be miles of food laid out and that you aren’t going to be able to control yourself. Here’s a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays without the guilt and suffering –

Don’t go hungry

Eat something, preferably healthy, before you go. A salad with a variety of vegetables and maybe some chicken and cheese will keep you from gorging at the party.

Don’t be a pig

It’s a fork, not a shovel. Slow down and enjoy the food.

I’ve been as guilty as anyone. All that great food! I used to eat 3 plates of food, now I eat 1½.

Sample everything

Take a taste of everything – not a full serving. Then you can go back for your favorites if you’re still hungry. If you’re not still hungry – don’t sit there picking.

Find something else to do

Dance, talk, help clear the table and get he temptations out of there, or with the dishes, or get some air, or get a few people to take a walk to look at Christmas decorations. Move away from the food!

Don’t be a party pooper

I have a girlfriend who will come and survey the food and point out all the things that she can’t eat. The poor me show is really annoying.

Don’t drink too much

Do I even have to say this? Its dangerous. Its fattening. Hangovers are horrible. Have a drink or two and stop.

Live a healthier life overall

Remember that if you eat healthier most of the time, a party, or even a few parties isn’t going to do that much damage. Maintain your healthier habits the rest of the time and you don’t have to feel like you have to miss out.

Living healthier is not about suffering. When done right, it makes your life better. Where we got so mixed up and decided that healthy is torture, I don’t know. I personally wouldn’t trade it. How about you?

Its the best gift you can give yourself.



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