Tips for Grilling Great Steaks & Beef


Perfect Steak on the Grill

Bring steaks to room temperature before grilling

Slit fat in a few places to keep steaks from curling

Do not pierce the steak as this will release juices. You want to keep the juices in.

Do not put salt on a steak before cooking

Rub fat or oil on the grate before placing steaks on it

Sear each side for 30 seconds

Turn only once after searing

Again, do not pierce steak


Cooking times – per side

1 inch: Rare – 3 min., Medium-rare, 4 min., Medium – 5 Min., Well done – 6 min.

1 ½ inch: Rare – 4-5 min., Medium-rare, 5-6 min., Medium – 6-7 Min., Well done – 8-9 min.

2 inch: Rare – 6-7 min., Medium-rare, 7-8 min., Medium – 8-9 Min., Well done – 9-10 min.

Cook 1 inch steaks on an open grill. 1 ½ and larger- cook covered.


Is it done?

When in doubt, check steak a little before you think its done. You can always put them back on if needed. If there is a bone, make a small cut near the bone. If not, make a small cut in the thickest part.


What kind of steak should you choose?

Best steaks for the grill are filet, tenderloin, T-bone, porterhouse,

OK steaks on the grill – rib-eye, Delmonico, strip

Good if marinated first – sirloin

OK if marinated overnight and cooked quickly over hot grill – top-round (not regular round), flank, chuck, pot roast


Whole Tenderloin

You can grill an entire tenderloin and cut it into steaks after cooking. This works great if you have people with varying tastes. The outside pieces will be well done, and the center rarer.

Cook the whole tenderloin covered over medium hot coal for 12 minutes per side for rare, 14 minutes per side for medium rare, and 16 minutes per side for Medium.



I have had good luck with marinating roasts overnight and cooking as above. Slice thin for best flavor. My friend often asks for Purple Roast. When you marinade in a red wine marinade, your meat has a purplish color. It may sound gross, but its actually very good!



Typically it it recommended that you use the leanest ground beef, but when grilling, you get the best flavor and juicier burgers if you have a little more fat content. Season and form into 1 inch thick patties, without handing too much. Cook for 4 minutes per side for medium.




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