Time Management Tips to Help You have a Great Summer!

enjoy summer

Going crazy yet?

It’s that time of year when living a balanced life becomes an even bigger challenge. You have work, housework, family responsibilities, and you want to get out and enjoy the summer.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time so you have more time to play…

Get up a few minutes earlier so you have time to go over your plan for the day. Write down everything you want to, or need to accomplish. Plan dinner, and make sure to take the meat out of the freezer!

Write down all the errands you need to do today. Can you get one done on the way to work? On your lunch hour? On the next rainy day?

Simple dinners make with something on the grill and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for summer. These dinners keep your energy levels up, and keep dishwashing down! If you are short on ideas, take a look inside the recipes. You’ll find tons of great fast, healthy, dinner ideas.

While dinner is cooking, go thru the mail, or do an online order, or pay bills online. You can accomplish a lot in ten minute chunks of time.

Allow up to half an hour a day for housecleaning. If you do this faithfully, your house can be really clean. No more spending your day off cleaning house! If you want my blueprint for how to clean your home quickly and easily, check out How to Clean House Fast.

Buy clothes that are wash and wear. You don’t want to have to spend time running to the cleaners or ironing, do you? Make sure you get the clothes out of the dryer and hung up and put away right way so you don’t have to worry about wrinkles.

Get a wash and wear haircut. Or at least one that takes less than 10 minutes to style in the morning, and will hold up all day. Use products that will cut down frizz and hold your hair in place. I have naturally curly (unruly, rebellious) hair. I keep it short, and use a little mousse. Brush and go!

Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep your eyes looking great all day.

Make it a point to get outside every day. I love after dinner walks on nice evenings. Especially if you have someone to walk with and talk away from the distractions of TVs, computers, …

You can go for a swim.

You can have friends over for a barbecue.

Try this if you dare…

You really want a drastic way to increase your time? Not many will do this one –

Disconnect your cable TV and streaming services. You’d be amazed at how much time the television takes away from your life. While not many would be brave enough to not have TV in the house at all, at least turn it off once in a while and go do something. Don’t watch life of TV – go live it!

Separate work and life.

While you’re working, be working. When its time to spend time with your family and ten to your life. Get away from the computer and go live life.

Make sure to plan time off. Time that you will not work. Time that’s just for fun.

Yes, work is important.

Yes, your goals are important.

But time off is also important. When you take time to play, you’ll actually come back refreshed, full of new ideas, and more productive.

Use these tips to manage your time, and have a great summer!

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