The ‘I haven’t eaten all day’ myth



You know, people who are trying to lose weight always start by cutting back on their food intake. And then to top it off, they do most of their eating at night – feeling good because “I haven’t eaten all day!”

Cutting back on your food intake tells your body that food is scarce and it needs to stock up reserves. It does that by storing fat – the very thing you’re trying to get rid of.

Then, you’re doing the bulk of your eating when your body doesn’t require the energy and won’t burn it off.

The people who seem to be eating all day? They’ve got it right. They’ve trained their body to burn the calories efficiently.

If you’re trying to lose weight, Yes, of course it matters what you’re eating – but not as much as when. Start with breakfast, and spread your eating out all through the day. Don’t eat as much at night when you aren’t going to burn it.

Train your body to burn the food as you eat it and watch how easy the pounds fall off.




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