Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone. It is best known for helping to increase muscle size, bone growth, development of sex organs, deep voices, sex drive, and body hair.

While men need more to keep manly shall we say – women also need some testosterone to keep bones and ovaries healthy. It is also important for mental health. Recent studies suggest that a testosterone deficiency may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s especially in elderly men. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression. 

The new diet advice has been bad for masculinity while everyone is cutting down on beef which is a rich source of testosterone, and the increased consumption of soy which act like female hormones in the body. If you’re old enough, you’ve probably realized that men are more feminine than they used to be. Man boobs have also become more common. And men have gotten breast cancer.

Like most anything else – too much testosterone is not good either. It is most noted for mood disorders and agression. Health risks are increased with the use of synthetic testosterone.  

OK, here’s what to feed your men –

Avocados, lean beef, nuts, olive oil, peanuts. 20% of your daily intake should be healthy fats. You also need lots of anti-oxidants, niacin (b vitamins), and zinc.



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