Spring Cleaning – Phase One

kitchen floor wood


You already have your day to day cleaning under control, right? If not, go to courses and do it!

Spring cleaning is the deep cleaning stuff we don’t always get around to. Phase One Spring Cleaning is the stuff you can get done even while its cold outside.


If you take 1 task a day, you can still get it done pretty easily. Just pick a task from this list each day, and before you know it – everything will be clean and shiny. Won’t that be great? Start now so you are ready to play when it does get warm.

OK, here’s the list –

Take items off counters, shelves and tables, inlcuding books, movies, games, figures, pictures, plants, whatever. Clean the sruff, clean the shelves and tables and shine them up. This is a good time to oil your wood furniture. Take a few minutes and do one every night if you’re limited on time.

Clean all pictures on the walls.

If you’re really ambitious, you can wash walls and ceilings, but that will take you a few days of hard work. At a minimum, take your upholstery brush on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum all walls and ceilings. You’d be suprised how much dust sticks there. I try to wash down a couple rooms every year at a minimum.

Vacuum behind and under all furniture. Pull over everything that you can and clean behind it.

Vacuum all upholstery, including under cushions. If you’re ambitious, clean the upholstery. If you’re not that amibitious, us an instant spray cleaner to freshen up the upholstery. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum when it’s dry.

At a minimum, dust all plants, both real and silk.

Clean out cabinets and drawers. Remove items and wipe out the cabinets. Do one every night when you do the dishes.

If you have an open area above your cabinets, clean it.

Clean the underside of the range hood. Hopefully this is part of your regular routine too. If not, make it a point after this.

Wash curtains.

Wash light fixtures and ceiling fans.

The cabinet exteriors should be part of your regular routine, right?

That’s really it for phase one. It’s too early yet to do some things. And I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Just tackle those things for now and you’ll be in good shape! You don’t have to kill yourself. You have a few weeks to get this stuff done. Tackling a little at a time will make it a breeze.

I remember the days when I had a plate rail full of collectors plates around the entire formal dining room, and a chandelier, and sconces. Why did we used to put ourselves through all that? Yeah, it was pretty, but man – it was a lot of work!

And we’re all about making life easier here, aren’t we?


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