Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring cleaning is when we tackle all the things we don’t normally do on a regular basis. Its the annual deep clean. I know the spring cleaning checklist looks ominous, but don’t feel like you have to accomplish all of it in one day. That’s why I start while its still winter. Do one thing a day. Don’t stress.

When its finally warm, you will be ready to head outside. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

_____ Wash silk plants

_____ Clean all figurines and nick-knacks

_____ Wipe all books, all sides

_____ Discard old magazines and catalogs

_____ Clean and polish all shelves and tables

_____ Clean all wall hangings

_____ Wash blinds and window treatments

_____ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

_____ Wash hand prints and such off walls

_____ Dust or wash walls

_____ Get rid of clothes and toys that are not used. Give them to

charity, someone else can use them.

_____ Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture, removing the cushions and getting into all crevices.

_____ Wipe down all interior doors and frames

_____ Wash all bedding

_____ Wash or replace pillows

_____ Vacuum mattress.

_____ Wash rugs

_____ Clean carpets

_____ Clean oven

_____ Clean upper shelves, and above kitchen cabinets if that is an open area.

_____ Clean inside cabinets and drawers at least once a year.

_____ Vacuum all screens. Clean all sides of windows, clean tracks. Don’t forget that one in the bathroom!

_____ Clean all patio doors, storm doors, screen doors…

_____ Do any floor treatments for your type of tile floors. Clean

behind stove and refrigerator too.

_____ Wash all winter clothing and put away

_____ Clean and organize bath cabinet(s)

_____ Clean and organize linen closet

_____ Purge, clean and organize pantry.

_____ Clean and organize closets

_____ Clean and organize basement/storage areas

_____ Clean and organize garage

_____ Check all filters – water, furnace…

_____ Clean and organize laundry room

_____ Clean inside washer and dryer

_____ Clean dryer vent hose (behind dryer)

_____ Clean windows inside and out

_____ Clean fans, air cleaners, dehumidifiers

_____ Wash all garbage cans, including outdoor ones

_____ Clean cars, inside and out

_____ Lawn care

_____ Clean gutters

_____ Power wash siding

_____ Prepare gardens for planting

_____ Clean grill

_____ Clean and treat deck

_____ Clean patio furniture

_____ Plant garden (after its warm enough)

How to easily keep your home clean all year long…

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