Eating a balanced diet full of different fresh natural foods will automatically give your skin a healthy glow, but these foods in particular will make it happen faster –

Apples, beer, canteloupe, carrots, cranberries, cucumber, dates, fish, dark greens, green tea, honey, lemons, mango, meat, melons, oranges, spinach, water, watermelon, yogurt, Iron , Vitamins A, C, & E

Skin is actually the largest organ on your body. Thats right, it’s an organ. It has functions. Not only does it hold you together, and protect you, but it also helps control your body temperature and helps remove toxins.

A good sweat is good for you. It helps you lose both calories and toxins. Just be sure to drink water right afterwards to rehydrate.  

According to ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine, women who drank 326 milligrams of high flavonol cocoa power dissolved in 3.5 ounces of water every day for 12 weeks had thicker skin that retained more moisture. It also said that Cocoa acts as a UV blocker. Green and black tea protect against carcinogenic effects of UV radiation, and is even more powerful when mixed with citrus peel.

To simplify things – a diet that’s good for your heart will also help prevent cancer and make your skin look great. Imagine that 😉


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