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As Homemakers, we wear a lot of hats. Home is the center of life. Its where –

  • we rest
  • we have fun
  • we eat
  • sometimes we get sick
  • we get healthy
  • we build relationships
  • we learn values
  • we study
  • we play
  • we clean
  • and on, and on, and on…

Yep – a lot happens at home.

Yet, not many people know how to manage a home.

I’m sharing 50+ years of experience here for you. I’m not saying my home was perfect, or that the meals were 100% healthy. The house was clean. The meals were mostly real food, and sure tasted a lot better than packaged or fast foods, and they were fast and simple.

I figured out how to get the important things done and still have time and energy to enjoy life – and that’s what I want for you.

(You’ll notice that the site looks a little different. The menus and the categories are the same. I am a person, and not a very techie one. I will get the pics updated when I’m done with the redesign.)

Here we have the menu –

Inside Around the House you’ll find –

How to clean house fast with breakdowns on how to efficiently clean each room in your home, Decorating on a budget,

Seasonal chores,

A little on gardening,

My organizing tricks,

A little about pets

As a single mom, I didn’t have a lot of time for gardening. I focused on basic stuff.

As for Pets, once in a while I see some information that’s helpful for moms running a house with pets. Otherwise, there are thousands of sites that cover pets more thoroughly.

Moving on…

Inside Health you’ll find –

A bit about aromatherapy, what the different oils can do for you.

Fitness focuses on easy things a busy lady can fit into life.

Healthy Eating covers how to eat healthier without feeling deprived.

Healthy Foods is fun. It goes into over 100 foods and what each one can do for your health. You and your family will find a lot of healthy foods you actually like.

In Nutrition and Healing, you will find all sorts of information on how certain foods and diets can help you stay healthier, cut your risk of getting sick, and help you feel better if you do get sick or hurt. Simply look up your condition. Even a toothache.

In Vitamins you’ll find listings of the most common nutrients, what they do, and what foods to find them in.

You know, most of what we accomplish, or don’t has to do with our mindset. If we think we can’t or its too hard, we will put it off as long as possible – no matter what the consequences. A lot of times its just that we don’t know what to do. With little knowledge and the right mindset, you can accomplish great things!

In Recipes you will find tips and recipes to help you get healthier, great tasting meals on the table fast! Most take about 30 minutes.

If this sounds like you- These days, 5:00 p.m. has me wondering what reasonably healthy something or other I can slap together that won’t leave me exhausted with a sink full of dishes. Welcome aboard!

Be sure to bookmark this page. Its the most helpful resource for managing your home life.

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See you soon!