Sample Thanksgiving Menu

thanksgiving dinner2


What to serve?

Need help with a menu? Here’s my traditional menu –


(average 12 people)

24 lb. Turkey



Mashed potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Marshmallow topping

Glazed carrots, or Corn casserole, or Green Beans with almonds

Green bean casserole

Cranberry Sauce

Croissants (or rolls)

Pickles, olives

Green onions


Birthday Cake (my daughter’s birthday is on the 25th)

Pumpkin Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie (only if sister comes and brings it)

When else can you load people up on all these healthy foods? And they love it! Turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, carrots, green vegetables … Heck, everything on this dinner plan except the stuffing, gravy, and desserts is good for you.


When I was growing up, we used to have a vegetable tray. We would curl the celery and the carrots, and make radish roses. Its not needed, and its a lot of extra work. We don’t do it anymore. We really don’t do jello molds anymore either. No one starves!


Now go peruse the recipes!

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