Salad Dressing




OK – salad dressing is not usually a superfood. But when you make your own dressing from superfood ingredients, you have optimized the salad in both taste and nutrient absorption.

When you take olive oil providing healthy fat to help your body absorb the nutrients in the salad, and health supporting vinegar, and garlic and other healthy spices – you have created a great superfood.

You see, we need some fat to absorb the carotenoids in the salad. Without the fat, your body is not getting all of the nutrients it could out of that great healthy salad. The best dressing would be a vinaigrette made with olive oil. Any salad dressing is beneficial if it gets people to actually eat the salad, wouldn’t you say?

If you used prepared dressings, go for the low fat – instead of the no-fat. You need some fat. Trying to find a dressing that does not have GMO Soy or Palm oils is impossible I think.

Use salad dressing in moderation of course. A little common sense goes a long way…



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