Planning your gardens

family gardening

The gardening season is upon us.

After a really tough year, you might find joy in gardening,

  • The planning
  • The preparation
  • The planting
  • The care and maintaining

The prep is my least favorite. How about you?

I enjoy the care and maintenance. It sort of mindless and takes me away for a while.

Gardening is exercise. Its great for reducing stress. And it gives you something to look forward to.

The anticipation is the fun part. Seeing your plants grow. Seeing the flowers bloom Seeing those vegetables get ready  to eat. I can’t wait for home grown tomatoes!

When planning your garden, you want to walk around your yard at different times of the day and take note of the sun patterns. Most plants require at least some sun. Some plants require a lot of sun. You’ll want to know all of that before you plant.

Take a good look around the yard.

How would you like it to look and feel?

How is each area used?

If you sit out at night, maybe you want to plant white flowers that will glow in the moonlight.

If you have kids and pets, you might need some sort of fencing.

If you have a hill or a ditch, or other areas that are hard to mow, you might want to consider a spreading plant that will fill in the area. In my area, alot of people use phlox, or American Daylilies.

Would you like to do container gardening on your patio or deck?

Are you happy with your curb appeal?

Look out your windows.

What would you like to see out that window?

So you see, planning is a very important part of creating the outdoor spaces you want.

As far as prep goes, you’ll want to clean up the area.

Then you’ll want to make sure your soil is ready to be planted.

All of the plants you buy usually come with planting instructions.

I am a big user of mulch to retain moisture and keep weed growth down.

I don’t use any chemicals in my gardens.

Here’s an ebook for you with more gardening basics –

For more gardening help,

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