People weren’t fat before…

fat lady


The world was certainly different 50 years ago.


Obesity? That was and oddity that you only saw at the circus.


Clothing only went to a size 16, and even that’s deceptive since they’ve made clothing sizes bigger to keep people feeling better and spending more. I wore a size 9 after high school. I’m the same size, but now I wear a size 2.


Diabetes was known as ‘old people diabetes’.


Cancer was a rare and mysterious disease. People would talk in hushed whispers and avoid anyone diagnosed with it for fear that it was contagious.


People cooked with real butter, and everyone had a container of bacon grease sitting on the counter.


People ate bacon, eggs, fried chicken…


Makes no sense, right? What changed?

Packaged foods.


Back then,


People made dinner most every night


Burger joints were someplace for teens to hang out


Only children drank pop


You got potato chips with your sandwich if you couldn’t afford french fries.


Boxed foods were something poor people ate.


The foods that most people eat are filled with chemicals, corn-syrup, and sodium.


People don’t think anything about downing a big bag of potato chips.


You can’t walk thru a mall without grabbing somthing to eat.


The nutritionally empty foods keep you eating and eating and eating – yet you’re never satisfied. Your body is starving for nutrition. It keeps asking for it – making you feel hungry even though you just ate. You might have eaten 3000 calories, but you didn’t give your body what it needs.


Once you understand what happened – you now know what to do.


Oh, one more thing –


Back then, the number one killer was heart attacks. Even back then they didn’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Most people ate canned fruits and vegetables. Iceberg lettuce was considered a salad.


People looked a lot older back then too.


So, if we return to eating freshly prepared foods, and eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink enough water, we’ll be even better!


We’ll be thinner, looking and feeling younger and stronger, having more energy, not being sick – sounds like a great prescription to me!



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