Another food that has gotten a bad rap. Pasta actually is a safe carb. It releases glucose slowly into your system, which increases endurance and helps control appetite. Whole grain pastas are better for you, marginally. At least so they say.  (Diabetics do have to be careful about eating pasta, just like any carb.)

Add a fresh tomato sauce with some basil and a tossed salad, and you have a really healthy meal that will give you energy into tomorrow.

When I was growing up, the recommended meal for an athlete the night before an event was pasta because it is a slow release carb. The thinking was that it would have them fueled up for the next day.

I have a friend who was on a trendy diet years ago that required that you drink their meal replacement shakes during the day, and then eat pasta for dinner. She tells me that the pasta is what gave her diabetes. Really?

I asked what she had used for sauce. Of course it was a popular jar sauce full of corn syrup. If you eat that every night, you are guaranteed to have problems. That and the shakes…

What causes the sugar spikes is the spaghetti sauce that comes in a jar that is loaded with corn syrup and chemicals. Make your own. It’s not hard. Find my recipe in the recipe section.

And don’t eat pasta every night.


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