Organize your pots and pans

storing pots and pans


Its getting colder. The holidays are coming. We are going to be in and out of the pot and pans cabinet.

We’ve got to get organized!

The secret to keeping your cabinets organized is to make it easy to put things away – neatly.

I did some shopping on Amazon and I found some great solutions. (Disclosure – these are affiliate links. If you buy through these links, I will make a couple bucks.)

Our biggest problem is stacking pans. Not only is it a pain to put things back in the stack, you end up scratching the pans.

You can use stackers to keep things neat and easy to get to. Look at this one! It stores all your pans without having to stack them –

Here is a smaller version –

Here’s one for your baking sheets. I like the fact that this one is adjustable.

I’m a big fan of shelf stackers. I use them everywhere.

Once you have your organizers, take everything out of the cabinet. Any pans that are horribly scratched, stained or beat up, I encourage you to throw them out, especially if they are teflon. You could be unknowingly adding toxins to your dinner.

Wipe the cabinet out, and put it back together.

Its a little bit of work, and your life will be so much easier. You’ll love it!



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