Omega 3s



These healthy fats boost natural anti-depressants in the brain. DHA, one of the 3 fatty acids may help ward off type 2 diabetes by stabilizing blood-sugar levels. They help prevent your blood from clotting and keeps your heart, brain, and nervous system healthy.

A combination of omega 3s and antioxidants cuts your risk of macular degeneration, keeping your eyesight better longer.

Omega-3 deficiencies have also been tied to dyslexia,  violence, depression, memory problems, weight gain, cancer, heart disease, eczema, allergies, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, diabetes, Lupus, MS, and many other conditions.  Over 2,000 scientific studies have demonstrated the wide range of problems associated with Omega-3 deficiencies.  The American diet is almost devoid of Omega 3’s except for certain types of fish. 

New research indicates that omega-3s improve cell functions, nerve conduction, and nerve chemical release, which in turn helps you think better, helps learning and memory. They might even help prevent Alzheimer’s if you eat at least one serving a week – though two servings is recommended. Good for heart and mind.

Where to get them –

Almonds, avocados, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, dark greens, fatty fish, flax seed, olive oil, salmon, sardines, seafood, squash, trout, walnuts



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