There are two sides to the great milk debate.

One side says milk high in calcium, good for bones, skin, hair, teeth. Helps weight loss by helping the body burn stored fat. But high in saturated fats. Drink 2% or lower, in moderation.

It was also reported in AARP that drinking milk before heading on a vacation to a place where water might not be the safest will help reduce the diarrhea by preventing E.coli from taking hold in the intestine.

In a study done at the Indiana University, a glass of chocolate milk was just as effective at helping athletes recover from their workouts as sports drinks.

On the other hand – cow’s milk has been linked to Type I Diabetes when given too early to infants that have the gene. And according to The China Study, they found links between areas where they drink a lot of cow’s milk, and high rates of heart disease and cancer.

People who drink milk have more joint problems and arthritis. Current research indicates that cow’s milk increases inflammation throughout your body leading to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes.

Milk lovers argue that its the pasturizing. They claim that raw milk does not cause the same problems. I’m not buying it. Pasturizing does not get rid of the enzyme casein which seems to be the root of milk problems.

Who should you believe?

I don’t drink milk. At 55 years old, I am healthy and full of energy. I take no meds. When I was younger, someone pointed out to me that we are the only animal to drink milk after weaning, and the only animal to drink another animal’s milk.

My younger sister is in the milk is healthy camp – and she is full of bone problems that steadily get worse with every passing year.

I think there is enough evidence to safely say that you should stay away from milk.


Image by Couleur from Pixabay



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