Migraine – My story



When I was in my 20s, I used to get a monthly migraine.

Well, you can’t always take off work, can you?

So, one day, I went to work not sure how I was going to make it through the day.

There was a private pharmacy at the corner, run by an elderly gentleman. He wasready to retire, so he was not concerned if he have you supplemental advice. A big no-no.

He not only gave me something to help me through the day, but he told me to take Vitamin E every day. He explained that the vitamin E would keep your arteries flexible so the blood could flow more easily.

If you have the kind of migraine that starts at the base of your neck and spreads up and over into your eyes, and makes you sick to your stomach – listen up!

It worked.

I don’t think I’ve had more than one migraine since.

Just bear in mind that it can take weeks, sometimes months for your body to build up a store of a vitamin.

Also remember that this is my story. It may or may not work for you. But at least it won’t hurt you!

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