Making Great Meat Fast

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Cooking dinner fast is super easy when you know these secrets for making great tasting meat fast. While the meat is cooking, pop potatoes in the microwave and cut up your salad and you can have dinner on the table in as little as 15 minutes.

Fast gourmet results when cooking meats like chicken, pork chops or steaks– stove top, using a sauté or similar pan –

Simply place meat in hot pan – grilling until browned on one side – 2-3 minutes. Turn the meat with tongs or a spatula. Try not to puncture it. Lower heat and cover, cook 6-7 minutes.

Chicken and pork chops need to be cooked thoroughly and take about 10 – 12 minutes total depending on thickness.

Steaks take 8-9 minutes total to come out medium.

Based on one inch thick meats – adjust times accordingly. Less time for thinner cuts.

More tips from Carole’s Kitchen –

I personally use coconut oil when cooking chicken. No oil when I’m cooking steak. A little butter when I’m cooking pork chops.

When I buy packages of meat, I wrap each piece individually, and place the wrapped pieces in a zip-lock freezer bag. It’s easier to grab just what you need.

Individual chicken breast will thaw quickly in cool water. Do not use hot as it will actually start cooking it.

You can preseason meats before you wrap them. Sprinkling pork chops and steaks with garlic powder before freezing will them tender and tasty when you cook them.

How’s that for some tasty fast cooking?



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