Make Your Meat Go Farther (member version)

OK, so we can get toilet paper, but now there’s a meat shortage. Wendy’s has stopped selling burgers? Wow.

Grocery stores are limited the amount of meat you can buy.

Don’t panic! I got you!

As a working single mom, who did spend some time on food stamps (SNAP), I learned how to cut that grocery budget, and still have good food on the table every night.

First, lets start with portion control. A healthier portion of meat is only 6 ounces. No one should be eating an 18 ounce steak, ever. Eat less meat and more vegetables.

If you caught the Cinco De Mayo post, you saw that all 3 of the recipes used shredded chicken. If you are a member in the Club, you see that a lot of the recipes calls for shredded chicken. With these recipes you can make one good sized chicken breast feed 4 people!

Dishes like chicken wraps, chicken (or beef) fajitas, the cheesy salsa skillet dinner, teriyaki chicken, chicken with zucchini and tomatoes, and others depend vegetables, beans, rice and cheese to make up the bulk of the dinners.


The chicken and potato teriyaki satisfies any meat lover.

If you are serving any sort of beef or pork, if you serve it sliced – it appears to be more. Just make sure you have enough other foods to make a satisfying meal. Mashed potatoes and gravy go a long way once in a while. Serve with some green beans or steamed broccoli and you have a great meal.

I had read once that Mediterranean cooking used meat as more of an accompaniment or seasoning – not the main event. Huh.

Based on that revelation, I started using 1/2 of an Italian sausage finely minced up to flavor my spaghetti sauce instead of using ground beef. If I had a hot sausage, I only needed 1/4 of a sausage.

Fake Baked Mostaccioli

My fake baked mostaccioli can be made with no meat at all. The meatless sauce and melted cheese are quite satisfying.

Then there are bean and split pea soups that use a little ham for flavoring. These soups are quite filling.

And then there’s eggs. You can make all kinds of omelets. My favorite is the Spanish omelet which is made with salsa and cheese.

Oh, and then there’s tuna casserole, or tuna salad subs.

Man, writing food posts always make me want to make everything! So much good food!

And there’s more good news –

When you eat like me, not only will you save money, but you’ll lose weight too!



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