Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

So… Do you have your Mother’s Day gift squared away?

If not, I’ve thrown together a few ideas for you.

As mundane as it may seem, I can’t think of a single woman that would not like a pretty planter. That’s why you see them everywhere. Don’t feel like you wimped out if you choose this.

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Speaking for myself, a box of Godiva chocolates is always good.

Awesome Can Opener

Does your mother fight with her can opener? Is it taking up valuable counter space?

I got this one a few years ago. It is awesome. So easy to turn. Has a nice soft grip handle. Takes up no counter space. I’ve even given a couple of these as gifts.

vegetable peeler, potato peeler

Another great tool from OXO is the vegetable/potato peeler. It also has the same soft grip handle. It works better than a much more expensive brand I had once…

Does your mom have a handheld shower head? How about a massaging hand held shower head? Not only does this make it easier to target spots, it also makes cleaning the shower easier. These seem to be pretty popular this year.

This one is on my wish list. If you have a handy mom, she may like it too. Its a cordless screwdriver/drill. The head adjusts so you can get into many angles.

My daughter buys my plants for my planters, and a couple tomato plants, and whatever else I need to finish the job. And then she helps me finish the job. Nice!

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Carole orange mini

Have a great day!


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