Kitchen Deep Clean (2)

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I like to do a kitchen deep clean twice a year – once in the spring to clean out the holiday and winter gunk, and once in the fall to clean out the summer grime and get ready for the holidays.

How do sand, spiders, and dog hair get in the cabinets in the first place? Its a mystery to me!

And I don’t care how disciplined we are, there are always those cabinets that get messy…

To me, the thought of cleaning out all the cabinets in one day is too overwhelming. I just do one or two at a time. Try to do a little every night when you clean the kitchen. It gets done eventually!

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

____ Clean the tops of cabinets and your refrigerator

____ Clean light fixtures and fans

____ Dust or clean window treatments

____ Clean windows, inside and out

____ Clean out any drawer dividers or organizers and wipe out drawers

____ Wipe out cabinets. Don’t forget the backs of the doors and hinges!

____ Clean and organize what you put back in the cabinets – See Organize your plastic containers and Organize your pots and pans

____ Throw away any expired food and spices

____ Wipe down cabinet doors and drawer fronts

____ If you have wood cabinets, give them a coat of Old English or Weimans Furniture Oil

____ Clean the refrigerator, including shelves and drawers (and sanitize the drip pan if you have one.)

____ If you still have coils on the back of the fride, vacuum those off.

____ Clean under the fridge

____ Clean and sanitize trash and recycling receptacles

____ Give the floors a good scrub, including the toe-kick area beneath your cabinets


Whew! Had enough? Go have a quick dinner and maybe some wine? Might I suggest steak, salad, and a baked potato?


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