Kidney Disease Series – 8 – Consequences of Kidney Damage

As we have established, natural therapies can achieve outstanding results when it comes to healing kidney damage, and even quite advanced kidney damage can be reversed if you work hard -at the very least, you will have a better quality of life with little to no symptoms. 

But it is essential to be aware of what can happen if kidney damage is left untreated. This is not intended to scare you, but rather to educate you about the physiological consequences of kidney damage, in order to be able to prevent them.

To start with, let’s discuss some of the physical manifestations of advanced kidney damage, or in other words what we are trying to avoid by incorporating natural therapies into your life. As we have discussed previously, kidney damage can be quite advanced before you experience any symptoms, and initial symptoms can vary and be rather generalized. 

This unfortunately means that all too often symptoms are not associated with kidney damage, and kidney function is not assessed until further down the track. But as kidney disease advances, the signs and symptoms can be more specific. Change in urine is a common occurrence and includes blood in the urine, a noticeable reduction in urine output, and alterations in the colour of your urine. 

Water retention often occurs in advanced kidney damage and this can express as swelling, or sometimes numbness in the arms and legs.

Kidney failure can occur quickly as a response to several issues including pharmaceutical medication, physical trauma to the kidneys, infection or an accident that results in loss of a large volume of blood. But for most cases of kidney disease, the loss of function occurs gradually over years. 

But this does give us an opportunity to use natural therapies to improve kidney function as soon as we realize that there are symptoms, or as soon as tests indicate an issue. 

Prevention is of course the best medicine, so if you know you have any of the main risk factors for the development of kidney disease or if you have a family history of kidney disease you should really use natural therapies to protect your kidneys as early as possible. It is always easier to prevent health problems than to reverse them.

Complications of Kidney Disease…

The complications of chronic kidney disease include anaemia, high blood pressure and nerve damage. Poor nutritional status, due to an imbalance of nutrients can contribute to many other health issues, such as weak bones and osteoporosis. Cardiovascular disease (e.g. heart attack) is a major complication of chronic kidney disease, and is actually the cause of death for many patients.

Common Signs and Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease include poor appetite, fatigue, frequent urination-especially at night, itchy skin, insomnia, concentration problems and fluid retention. It is easy to see how these symptoms relate to both nutritional deficiencies, and the fact that the kidneys can no longer rid the body of waste and excess fluids.  

These symptoms are far easier to associate with kidney problems than the initial symptoms mentioned earlier, but as they are associated with significant kidney damage it stands to reason that they are likely to take longer to treat. Ideally natural therapies will prevent these symptoms, if caught and treated early enough, however incorporating herbs and nutrients only at the stage of advanced kidney damage can also show excellent results. However we do suggest that it can take three to four months of continual treatment to experience the best initial results.

Unfortunately many patients are not fortunate enough to have found out about the benefits of natural therapies until their kidney disease is quite advanced and they have been given no choice but to use drastic medical intervention. Or others have been sceptical about natural therapies and decided to give them a try when nothing else has worked.

However you got here, I am happy you did, and it is important to realise that natural therapies can always be used and will always be of benefit in some way, no matter what your stage of illness.

Kind Regards,
Duncan Capicchiano N.D.

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