How to keep your house clean in Summer

Clean Hall

With just a little bit of effort, you can keep your house looking good a few minutes at a time. Here’s how –


Do a nightly pick up. Put things away. 10 minutes.

Do dishes, wipe down cooktop, counters and tables. Run dishwasher. 10 minutes

Sweep/vacuum floor. 1 minute

Squeegee or wipe down shower walls when you get out. 30 seconds

Wipe down bathroom counters. 30 seconds

Spot clean mirror. 30 seconds

Check toilet. 1 minute if it needs cleaning.

Make tomorrow’s to-do list.

Morning –

Go over to-do list

Plan Dinner.

Empty dishwasher

Make bed. (I like to wait until I get dressed to air the bed out a bit.)


The way I do my weekly chores is one each night. I’ll do the kitchen one day, bath one day, floors one day…

How often to dust depends. When I lived at the lake, I only had to dust once a week. Now, I dust daily. Go figure 🙁 Keep public areas that people will see dusted more often.

Deep clean kitchen – microwave, appliances, cabinets, …

Clean out fridge. Do inventory, make shopping list. I’ve started having my groceries delivered. Its so nice!

Deep clean bathrooms. Mostly tub/shower and floor. The rest should be pretty clean if you are keeping up with nightly habits.

Vacuum, again, as needed.

Wash floors, as needed.

Another good habit is to do a load of laundry daily, all the way through to put away.

Now you can enjoy your summer, and a clean house!

If you want all the nitty-gritty details and how to’s, get your copy of The Clean Freak Handbook.

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