How to Have a Clean House And a Life!

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Did your mom teach you how to clean house? I’ll bet if she did, it was probably the old weekly marathon event. Remember that? Every Saturday morning… Wasn’t that awful?  But that’s what Mom knew.

The ritual began with picking up, sorting laundry, throwing laundry in, scrubbing (and I mean really scrubbing) the bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming end to end, washing the floors, taking out the garbage, and then – there was still yard work (unless Dad finished it). And what about that range-hood? Ick. That got ignored for months. You just couldn’t get all the cleaning done and still have time to have any fun.

But we just don’t have a day to dedicate to house cleaning, and even if we did, who wants to? 

Now days, a lot of people still leave housework for the weekends. They come home and plop in front of the TV every night. By the time Saturday rolls around, it takes an atomic bomb to get it clean – so it never really does get clean. And it’s so depressing, isn’t it?

That’s not for me! How about you?

I have some secrets.

I only do a top to bottom cleaning of the bathroom about once a month. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? But it’s clean – all of the time. I just don’t have to spend a back breaking day to do it. I use a squeegee, or sometimes a daily shower spray when I remember to buy it (I love the Method ylang-ylang one). I wipe up things every night – takes a few seconds.

Do one extra wipe up in the kitchen every night when you do the dishes. One night the cabinets, one night behind all the stuff on the counters, one night the microwave.  I wipe down the stove every night before the stuff dries up on it. The kitchen is always clean. And since there’s never any build up – it only takes a few extra minutes. It’s a breeze.

 Throw in a load of laundry almost every day. No build up there either.  And how much time does that really take?

I have 2 cats and a dog, so I vacuum a lot. That’s where my biggest amount of house cleaning time is spent. I keep the furnace filter clean. So there’s not a lot of dusting. A lot of times I cheat and just do a quick feather dusting.

That’s it. Just a few minutes here and there. And you’ll still have plenty of time for whatever else you’ve been wanting to do!

Of course, if you’ve been letting it go for a while – it’s going to take some concentrated effort to get it to where you can clean like I do. But I can help you with that too. In the house cleaning section, or in courses – I give you step-by-step plans to get the whole house clean – top to bottom and end to end.

The cardinal rule is – don’t let build up happen.

It’s like anything else in life – once you have a system, it’s easy!



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