How disgusting is your water bottle?

clean your water bottle

Its something we really don’t think about. We use our water bottles daily. Sometimes we get lazy and just rinse them out. Sometimes we are really in a hurry and just refill it. After all, its just water. And its our own germs, right?

Think about this – a glass of water just sitting there grows bacteria.

If that’s not bad enough, as the bacteria multiplies, it grows a sticky covering called biofilm that makes it harder to remove. In some cases, this biofilm prevents anti-biotics from getting through.

Yummy! Want to take a swig of that?

These bacteria can cause infections in your mouth and gums, or anywhere in your digestive track. Colon issues are no fun.

Grossed out yet?

Wash those bottles with dish soap and water every day!

Need a new water bottle?

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