Green Tea

green tea

Green Tea contains Polyphenols – helping to prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer, and antioxidants. Make sure to dunk your tea bag a few times to release more of the antioxidants into the water.

Drinking Green or black tea with a high fat meal reduces some of the artery clogging. The antioxidants help keep your blood vessels open. It also contains theanin, which is shown to reduce stress. Green tea may even rejuvenate dying skin cells.

Green and black teas also may increase your immune system to fight infection. Green tea contains EGCG, which stops the adenovirus (cold virus) from reproducing. At the first sign of a cold, drink green tea.

Green Tea also contains L-Theanine. I’ve seen Green Tea from China called ‘one of the oldest calming mood-stabilizers known to man’. Theanine increases dopamine production in the brain.  This helps improve your focus, concentration, learning, and memory – all without the jitters many people get from coffee.

It is believed that the natural phytochemicals in green tea may help prevent and repair damage to cells and may inhibit the ability of carcinogens to damage cells. A study done in China observed a group of women with ovarian cancer. The study found that the women who drank at least 1 cup of green tea per day were twice as likely to survive the cancer.

And, green tea increases your metabolism, helping your burn more fat.

After your tea bag cools, gently pat it on your eye area to help firm and reduce puffiness. It really works better than most creams. A lot of creams now contain green tea extract.


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