Nothing seems to strike fear more than the annual flu season. To really make sure you have a fighting chance, you want to eat a healthy diet. But if you do happen to catch it, here are some foods to Make flu feel better faster – (or use these foods as extra prevention)



Cayenne pepper

Lemon juice (fresh)

Tomato Juice

Orange juice

Vitamin C


Green tea

Chicken soup

Avoid Dairy

Use steam or humidifier.

If you know you have been exposed to flu, don’t wait for symptoms. Start your attack right away – eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking orange juice and green tea, and taking your vitamins – especially vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc.

Refer to this page if you have a Fever –

It’s no coincidence that flu season starts when we have less exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is very important. Get 15 minutes of unprotected sunlight a day if you’re fair skinned. 30 minutes if you have darker skin. In order to avoid skin cancer, do not burn.

Your next best option is the responsible use of safe tanning beds – again, using hte right amount of exposure for your skin type.

Your last line of defense is supplements.It is now being highly recommended by some doctors that you take vitamin D through the winter months.


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