What is Fibromyalgia?

They really don’t know. They ‘think’ it is a nerve disorder. They really don’t have a treatment. They treat the various symptoms.

What causes Fibromyalgia?

They really don’t know. It affects mostly women. It seems to appear after some sort of trauma, whether physical or emotional.

As I was reading all of this, it seemed to me that this is what we used to call a Nervous Breakdown. The last straw broke the camel’s back. There is just too much for your body and mind to deal with – so it just breaks down.

Now mind you, I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion based on what I read and faded memories of someone having a nervous breakdown many years ago.

But doesn’t it make sense? Its a nervous condition.

The highest rates are in the US. Makes sense. We have a stressful lifestyle and a horrible diet.

These are all of the things I found that they say help.

  • Moist heat – Enjoy a soothing (warm) bath in the evening.

  • Brush your body with a loofah or long-handled brush in the bath.

  • Ease painful tender points with a self-massage device (like a tennis ball).

  • Do yoga and stretching exercises to relax.

  • Listen to calming music.

  • Meditate to tame intrusive thoughts and tension.

  • Sleep in a darkened room. Try an eye mask if necessary.

  • Keep the room as quiet as possible (or use a white-noise machine).

  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable.

  • Avoid foods that contain caffeine, including teas, colas, and chocolate.

  • Capsaisen for pain

  • Meditation

  • Tai-Chi

  • Stretching – lubricates joints and increases oxygen and blood flow

  • Walking

  • Water exercises

  • Resistance bands

  • hand weights

  • Isometric exercise

  • Manual Lymph Massage

  • Melatonin (for sleep)

  • SMAe

  • 5-HTP (an amino acidk)

  • Fish oil

  • Vitamin D3

  • Magnesium

  • Vegetables and fruits

  • Drink water

  • Drink green tea (calming)

  • Faith, prayer

These are all part of a healthy lifestyle anyway.

When it comes to the exercise portion of this list, you want to choose the level that works with the amount of pain you are currently in. Tai Chi  is probably the least strenuous of all.

It seems to me that it took people months to recover. Not good news, I know. But hopefully this list will help you get back to better than normal faster.

Common Sense Lesson –

Many health problems can be resolved, and more importantly – avoided altogether when you live a healthy lifestyle.

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