Fibromyalgia – is Chiropractic care effective?

Is Chiropractic care effective for Fibromyalgia?

To help answer that question, twenty-one rheumatology patients aged 25-70 suffering from fibromyalgia (muscular pain characterized by muscular tautness/stiffness, well defined tender/trigger points, numbness, tingling and pain) were studied to demonstrate chiropractic’s effect on this condition.

The objective of this study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic management for fibromyalgia patients using reported pain levels, cervical and lumbar ranges of motion, strength, flexibility, tender points, myalgic score and perceived functional ability as outcome measures. 

The Chiropractic treatment consisted of 4 weeks of treatment. The results revealed that chiropractic management improved patients’ cervical and lumbar ranges of motion, straight leg raise and reported pain levels. These chances were judged to be clinically important with the confines of the sample only.

In another study, 538 fibromyalgia patients revealed that chiropractors were one of the more common health care professionals visited by fibromyalgia patients.

A program of Chiropractic care is a natural choice for the management of fibromyalgia. Many use special computerized equipment ideal for these patients. It’s safe and effective! 

Call your local Chiropractor for a consultation to determine if a program of Chiropractic care could benefit you and your health.


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