Oh, you know that feeling… you’ve got a fever. But who has time to be sick? Here’s what you can do to break a fever –

Eat spicy foods with Cayenne pepper or chili peppers.

Drink fresh lemon juice. Sqeeze some into a glass of water.

Drink lots of fluids (water, juice, green tea, chicken broth)

Stay really warm until the fever breaks, no matter how ridiculous you look.

Get plenty of sleep so your body can heal itself.

Aspirin or acetaminophen can be taken to reduce fever. Do not take more than the recommended dosage, and make sure that other medicines you are taking don’t also contain these ingredients.

An ‘old school’ cure would be to find a way to sweat it out – take a hot bath, bury yourself in blankets until you break a sweat, which means breaking the fever.

I’ve always found a glass of wine helps, though some people like the bourbon or whiskey cures. Just don’t drink alcohol and take medication. Pick one or the other.

My routine if I get a fever is to eat some chicken soup, drink a glass of wine, take some aspirin and an extra vitamin C, and hit the bed to sweat it out and get a good nights sleep. It’s always gone the next morning. The only problem is you have to wash all the bedding 🙁

Oh well, at least you’ll feel better fast!


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